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    Rudy Mackay/Koekoek!



    1. Koekoek! short sample

    About Album

    I was fortunate enough to make the music and extensive sounddesign for this short absurdist comedy Koekoek! It features Dutch famous actor Frank Lammers who lives inside an old cuckoo clock, with his cat Ramses. Every hour he shoots himself outside of the clock and shouts ‘CUCKOO!’, just to wake up the old lady in the room. Every hour. Until he gets distracted. Needless to say, things get out of hand.

    Koekoek! was selected for a debut award on the Nederlands Film Festival 2019 and is currently touring the globe at different film festivals.

    Directed by: Jörgen Scholtens
    Features: Frank Lammers, Hetty Heyting, Joost Prinsen

    Role: Music and Sounddesign
    Tags: Film, Music, Sounddesign
    Genre: Orchestral