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    Rudy Mackay/Services



    The thing I love about composing is that you can really enhance a story and its emotion with a few notes. Or a complete orchestra, for that matter. In recent years I made a lot of music for commercials, tv shows, animations, series, corporate video and film. I can help you tell your story through music. Together we find out what genre, mood and instruments fit best. In my music production studio I can make and record most of the styles myself or with my network of great musicians.


    Nowadays, sounddesign is a bigger part of our lives than ever. It blends more and more into the music side of things, when it comes to films and tv. But even the sound of your car horn, or the menu in your smart tv was carefully designed. I can make sounddesign with impact for your production. Recently I did a lot of design for animations and tv-series. From the movements of characters and atmospheres to the drone/musical moods that set the scene. Need some sounddesign?


    If you have all the finest ingredients prepped, you’re gonna need someone to put it together in the best possible way. I can mix your music in stereo, fit in some binaural elements, or give it a surround treatment. For me, it’s not a matter of how I can put my own stamp on it. We’re gonna find out together what the song is about, what the key elements are, and make a mix that guides the listener through the song. Want me to mix one of your songs (or your complete album)?

    Post production

    No matter how good the recordings are, chances are that your production needs a bit of tweaking to take it to the next level. I’ve been editing and mixing a lot of national tv shows, commercials and all kind of big productions. Together with a handful of colleagues, we run a post production facility where we can do everything you need. Not only when it comes to sound – we also have a color correction studio, and video editing suites in house. Ready for some serious post production?